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Hi, my name is Amit Rajput, and I am a 25 year old software engineer from India. Well that sounds like a well rehearsed introduction, but then.. what the hell!! I belong to a place called Agra, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, and you would have heard about my hometown, as being the city of the Taj Mahal… yes, I hail from the very same Agra, home to this magnificient and eternal symbol of love. My family consists of four people… oops five, including my sweet..… my parents, my brother and me and my sweet… so we’re this small, closely knit family. We are currently residing in Agra while me and brother have lovingly been allowed to cross the threshold of our home to make our lives. My brother, Pankaj Rajput, is a business Man in Agra. I am a Master of Computer Applications or an MCA by education and have been working for the past some time now. I am a Cancerian by birth and August 26th, 1984 was the day God decided to torment this world by sending me here… Currently i m working with Recent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a software programmer using technology C#, ASP.NET and windows application with VB.NET Read More

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